Marketing/Social Media

The Marketing Teams focus is to attract new customers and retain existing customers.  The team is responsible for designing and executing advertising campaigns that maximise the attraction of new customers, the retention of existing customers and the reactivation of customers who have been idle for a long time.

All forms of media including social media will be used by the department. They will develop and execute mailing campaigns and keep an active newsletter of the company.  A large responsibility will be to ensure that all forms of advertising and information coming out of the company is consistent and to a high standard, while being informative, innovative and fresh.

The marketing team will also need to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and media usage as well as be up to date on varying trends and adjust future plans accordingly.

Key responsibilities of the team:

  • Develop an overall advertising strategy for the company and its brands, including budget planning.
  • Develop individual advertising campaigns for all types of media.
  • Formulate the objectives of campaigns and evaluate the results.
  • Maintenance of continued corporate advertising including the updating of the company social media content.
  • Creation of texts and content.
  • Setting up HTML skills.

The following skills are required:

  • Fluent in German, both written and verbal, preferably as a native speaker.
  • Very good knowledge of English at business level.
  • Previous experience in an advertising or marketing agency as well as experience in marketing on social media.
  • Knowledge and experience of the iGaming industry is desirable.
  • Knowledge of text and image editing programs such as Adobe and Photoshop.
  • Creativity, inventiveness and the ability to think outside the box would be advantageous.